Mr. Cong Vinh inspires NHG’s students to play soccer

Mr. Cong Vinh inspires NHG’s students to play soccer


As a part of the professional football program of Nguyen Hoang Group (NHG), Mr. Le Cong Vinh will go to NHG’s schools’ system to meet students from November 12th.

Mr. Cong Vinh at SNA.

At the program, the students can meet and listen to the inspirational speaking from Le Cong Vinh, the former captain of Vietnam National football team as well as participate in some challenges on the pitch.

Cong Vinh speaking at SNA.

Not only football

Mr. Cong Vinh, the president of NHG football had a talk with more than 500 students of the International Schools of North America (SNA). He supposed that there is a link between playing a sport and personality formation. "When we lose, how do we face failure? Sometimes you may get angry but sometimes you have to really calm down.

The speech full of enthusiasm and aspirations of Cong Vinh made students excited.

Through the ball, we see what is the true value of ourselves. Approaching different personalities from different ages, we will understand more about sharing, team solidarity and how to control our behaviour in a game”, said Vinh.

SNA students and Cong Vinh on the pitch.

The greatest victory is to conquer yourself

Receiving many questions from the students about the victories in this professional football career, Cong Vinh shared his most memorable goal: the goal at 90 + 3 minute in the AFF Cup 2008, which took the Vietnam national football team to the championship. For the past 18 years as a football player, Cong Vinh scored 51 goals/85 games in Vietnam National football team position, 120 goals/nearly 300 games in a level of football clubs and "countless goals and losses”.

Cong Vinh as the referee for the penalty shootout for two teams.

Cong Vinh presented the shirts to the winner of the penalty shootout.

Students attending CV9 classes will be bestowed the opportunity to be coached by nationally and FIFA certified football players such as Le Van Vinh, Marshall Soper, Elokan Francois, Herbert Endene, Aidan Malone, Le Sy Manh, Phan Van Tai Em, Nguyen Hong Tien, and the like. These classes will officially start from January, 2019.

Cong Vinh and his “fan” at SNA.

SNA students bringing their football ball to Cong Vinh to receive the signature.

Cong Vinh - Thuy Tien at the event.

Even the girl student also likes football and have the question to Cong Vinh.

According to Cong Vinh, the developed football in the world such as Germany, Belgium, Korea, Japan all have the school football.

Students asked: "How to be a good striker?". Cong Vinh said that the program will help students answer that question.

Cong Vinh gave the football ball as a reward for the winning team.


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