HBU “ship of knowledge” roofing ceremony

HBU “ship of knowledge” roofing ceremony


The roofing ceremony for the HBU “Ship of knowledge” was successfully held on the morning of April 15th with the attendance of the Minister of Education and Training, Prof. Dr. Phung Xuan Nha, NHG Board of Directors and HBU teachers as well as students.

From early in the morning, teachers and students were present to prepare for the moment, welcoming delegates in an atmosphere of expectation and joy. Exactly one year after the ground-breaking ceremony, the 5-star building has primarily been completed today.

Picture 1- Teachers and students were present to prepare for the moment, welcoming delegates in an atmosphere of expectation and joy.

The ceremony was also another chance for guests to take a tour of the entire building, get a feel of the durability, witness the structure’s solidity, the interplay between modern and vintage architecture, as well as listening to different area functions.

Prof. Phung Xuan Nha was particularly interested in the intelligent auditorium system, the idea of the green avenue with the romantic Romeo – Juliet garden, and the library café. These groundbreaking design ideas to serve the increasingly high demands for teaching and learning among lecturers and students across the country.

Picture 2-Prof. Phung Xuan Nha – Minister of Education and Training and NHG leaders at the roofing ceremony of HBU tower.

The five-star building roofing ceremony was conducted by Prof. Dr. Phung Xuan Nha, and NHG Board of Directors on its 25th floor. In just four months, the building will be put into use for the first time and welcome the first groups of students for study.

Picture 3- Frontview of HBU “ship of knowledge”

Picture 4-“Romeo&Juliet” – a romantic corner in HBU tower

Picture 5- Glass walls make the office rooms clear and friendly in administrative relationships

Picture 6- Perspective of library in HBU tower.

Picture 7-Lots of “interactive corners” where students and teachers can talk in the tower

Picture 8- Full of light, transparent glass office doors make the reception hall and enrollment zone become friendly.

Dinh Nguyen Xuan Thao (HBU’s freshman in Business Administration) wearing a red ao dai at the roofing ceremony remarked, “I am very proud of such a world-class modern and intelligent school. Such facilities as lecture halls, conference halls, library café, the green avenue and a sky bar with an overflowing swimming pool really excites and makes us look forward to experiencing it. This will be a dream school for generations of Vietnamese students.”

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