IEC Quang Ngai: The education ecosystem meeting the aspiration of the youth

IEC Quang Ngai: The education ecosystem meeting the aspiration of the youth


On December 28th, Nguyen Hoang Group (NHG) organized the workshop “Explore the education ecosystem in the international education city” with the participation of leading educational experts, more than 500 businessmen in HCMC and 5 central provinces (Quang Ngai, Quang Nam, Da Nang, Kontum, Gia Lai) and parents who would like to know more about the international education environment in this learning paradise.

Overview of the workshop “Explore the education ecosystem in the international education city” held by NHG

Explore a comprehensive education ecosystem

No one can deny that education “must make children happy”, make them love learning and exploring the world. From the aspirations of young people in an ideal education environment, Dr. Do Manh Cuong – Permanent member of NHG education council pointed out the highest goal of a comprehensive educational ecosystem is to help individuals to maximize their abilities based on the foundation of love and human values. In that ecosystem, learners develop comprehensively and continuously in a harmonious and stable relationship between students, teachers, nature and other educational factors.

Dr. Do Manh Cuong – Permanent member of NHG education council presenting about the comprehensive education ecosystem model

Another thing that was highlighted throughout the workshop, is that the international factor in the learning environment plays an important role for students to become global citizens. The comprehensive education ecosystem is where students can learn and access many different cultures. “Not only hearing or seeing international integration concept, students must be living in an international environment, have contact and experience the international elements, so that they will truly have global thinking” – Dr. Do Manh Cuong emphasized.

Learning paradise of students in central provinces and cities

As the first and only comprehensive education ecosystem in Vietnam, IEC Quang Ngai contains the essentials of facilities and learning convenience for the needs of students by its system of prestigious international schools with a full-segmented environment, including: international integration, international bilingual and complete international segment.

In order to create a space for students to learn, play and grow, Nguyen Hoang Group focuses on a green ground covering over 76%. Experiential learning environments are designed with a variety of practice areas such as: painting; music; aerobics; laboratories; robot; theater; movie theater; tennis courts; golf; adventure sports with modern trampoline system (trampoline, mountain climbing, sasuke); etc.

Learning environment merged in nature of central students at IEC Quang Ngai

The open-spaced library with thousands of books in IEC Quang Ngai

The medical room in IEC Quang Ngai is connected to green corridors

A sports hall and multi-purpose hall with 1,800 seats, a 10-lane-Olympic-swimming-pool, a central stadium, a track meeting the international standards, a central kitchen that can serve more than 6,000 meals a day and a modern boarding house with full living facilities, etc. are the superior highlights contributing to creating a paradise of learning and experience at IEC Quang Ngai of students in central provinces and cities.

The 10-lane-Olympic-swimming-pool in IEC Quang Ngai

The track meeting the international standards in IEC Quang Ngai

The modern boarding house in IEC Quang Ngai serving students in locality and nearby provinces and cities

In addition, there is a unique point never had in Vietnam, that IEC Quang Ngai is an experiential learning environment when having both the pet area and the urban farm, creating an exclusive circle of supply and demand.

Welcome students since 2019-2020 academic year

At the event, Dr. Pham Van Hung – President of IEC Quang Ngai also officially announced the enrollment activities for 2019-2020 academic year. Many parents paid attention on the admissions policy of the system of international schools in this comprehensive education ecosystem, including: Saigon Academy international kindergarten (SGA); iSchool international integration school; UK Academy international bilingual school (UKA) and The International Schools of North America (SNA).

Saigon Academy international kindergarten (SGA) in IEC Quang Ngai

iSchool international integration school in IEC Quang Ngai

UK Academy international bilingual school (UKA) in IEC Quang Ngai

The International Schools of North America (SNA) in IEC Quang Ngai

In the initial enrollment period, NHG offers many attractive scholarships and financial support with interest-free loan from Sacombank, helping parents and students feel free to invest in the fundamental education of life.

With modern facilities and available educational convenience, IEC Quang Ngai is ready to welcome more than 6,000 students, meeting the needs of learning – living – playing for students of Quang Ngai province and the whole central area.


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