Investing in children at IEC – Quang Ngai

Investing in children at IEC – Quang Ngai


On January 5th, the talk show "Investing in children at the International Education City (IEC) - Quang Ngai" took place in Quang Ngai city with the participation of more than 300 parents.

In attendance, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thai, deputy director of Quang Ngai DoET and Dr. Pham Van Hung, director of IEC - Quang Ngai also joined in the talk show. At the event, there were many effective solutions to help children create their own learning pathway at IEC - Quang Ngai, preparing for the future.

Dr. Pham Van Hung, director of IEC – Quang Ngai giving flower to Mr. Vo Nguyen Khoi, chairman of KNN company

Learning from countries having advanced education, we see a civilized Singapore with a sustainable education ecosystem and a prosperous Korea thanks to educational innovation. Lee Kuan Yew once said: "Investing effectively in education will make the economy grow. If we win in the education race, we will win in economic development as well”.

It can be said that, investing in a long term education is the most important decision of parents.

Dr. Pham Van Hung giving his opening speech at the program.

At IEC Quang Ngai, thanks to the modern education program and international education ecosystem, students have everything to learn, live, play and grow. "Just like planting trees, the seeds need sunlight to grow up. Education needs a long-term vision".

The talk show solved many issues in the story of child education investment so that IEC Quang Ngai had the pleasure of accompanying parents to build children’s dreams, knowledge and aspirations.

Overview of the talk show.

More than 300 parents attending the program.

A parent having a question to the speakers.

Parents care about the IEC - Quang Ngai


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