SáOn the morning of July 14th 2018, the iSchool International Integration Education System (iSchool), a member of Nguyen Hoang Group (NHG), celebrated the 10 Years Anniversary Ceremony of system foundation, which marked the journey to achieve aspirations of education renovating of the whole system including 14 schools in 13 provinces nationwide.

The impressive and touching 10 Years Anniversary Ceremony

By the theme “Building up the Leading Generation”, the Ceremony took place in a warm and sincere atmosphere, with the participation of all the loving Leaders, Partners, Teachers, Parents and Students from the whole system.

TBoard of Directors of iSchool company and other campuses took photo together in the event.

In the event, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tuan – Management Director of iSchool once again affirmed the education philosophy and announced the development strategy of the whole system in coming time. In the next 5 years, iSchool will be able to reach the goal of expanding 30 campuses in the country, with the average number of students each year is 30.000 in the whole system. Meanwhile, human resource training will be focused on investment, management system from the company to each school will be upgraded. We will also apply 4.0 technology on teaching and studying to create a new revolution in education and training.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tuan – Management Director of iSchool announced development strategy in the next 5 years of the whole system.

In additional, the event is also a chance for iSchool to deliver the appreciation to the Founders and Parteners of iSchool, as well as to nearly 30 teachers and staffs who have been with iSchool throughout 10 years.

Encourage and appreciate the individuals have persistently devoted to the success of iSchool.

The ceremony also includes the participation of actor Le Phuong – Parents, paiting artist Hong Minh, Miss Ngoc Chau – students of the past generations. The voice of iSchool teachers and students of 11 provinces from the North to the South represented for million words of thanks to the companions of iSchool spreading aspiration of education renovating to over the country.

Actor Le Phuong – parents of Ca Phao, who is studying at iSchool, delivered appreciation words to the System for creating a perfect education environment for her child.

Pham Hong Minh – Represent for old students of iSchool performed a painting to celebrate the 10 Years Anniversary.

Miss Vietnam Intercontinental 2018 Tran Ngoc Chau - old students of iSchool - shared her thought in the event.“iSchool Bus” – Local art performance by teachers and parents of the schools.

Performance of iSchool students in the traditional song “Be Yourself”.

Leaders of NHG – iSchool and Board of Administrators sang together to celebrate iSchool 10th birthday.

The past is foundation, the future is belief, let’s wish iSchool win their big dreams soon!



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