On June 12th 2018, at the office of 49 Pham Ngoc Thach Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Nguyen Hoang Group held the K-12 Education Curriculum Conference for 2018 – 2019 scholastic year. The Conference took place with the participant of NHG Board of Directors and Managers, and Board of Administrators from all national K-12 schools of NHG.

In the morning session, NHG Representatives announced and discussed with Board of Administrators about new operating structure of the Group.

Dr. Dinh Quang Nuong – Deputy Chief Executive Officer explained outstanding advantages of the new operating structure.

According to the announcement, the new operating structure allows parent company – Nguyen Hoang Group to work directly in vertical with subsidiaries via 7 functional departments, including:  Finance – Accounting Department, Human Resources Department, Legal – Administrative & Resource Management Department, Information Technology Department, Academic & Training Department, Marketing & Admissions Department, and Management Directors Department. At school level, the role of Principals is enhanced in management, not only in academic sides, but also in others, such as: Human Resource, Admissions Plan, Development Orientation, and Finance, … Management Director of schools will focus on seeking for opportunities to build new campuses and expand business scope at local. “New operating structure creates opportunity for member schools to utilize knowledge, experience, and resources of NHG for greater productivity.” – Dr. Do Manh Cuong – Permanent Member of Education Council, Academic Director explains in detail.

NHG Board of Directors listened and answered the questions the method of applying new structure into each school’s resource situation.

Most of member school agrees on new operating structure since it is high specialization, helps exchanging information more effectively and receiving support from the Group more promptly. However, Board of Administrators also shares the same concerns with each other about the method of applying new structure into each school’s resource situation proficiently and appropriately. It is also needed to have official guidelines about duties, limits, and response deadlines for Departments from the Group to subsidiaries.

For continuing, in the afternoon session, Academic Department hosted the program to implement the key contents about education curriculum for 2018 – 2019 scholastics year, teachers academic training plan, academic performance report for 2017 – 2018 scholastics year, as well as preparation plan for grade 12 students taking national high school graduation examination.

Dr. Do Manh Cuong – Permanent Member of Education Council, Academic Director hosted the afternoon session

For pre-school education curriculum, NHG focuses on shaping and developing 6 key human values: Love, Politeness, Gratitude, Honestly, Self-Esteem, and Cooperation. With these values, NHG aims to build up future generation following 5H philosophy: Heart (To Love), Head (To Think), Hand (To Practice), Health (To Grow Body and Mind), and Human (To Be). In addition, after graduating pre-school curriculum in NHG kindergarten school system, the child will own standard abilities of 5-year-old level and strong mind to enter the grade 1.

For general levels (grade 1 – grade 12), NHG education curriculum bases on Master Curriculum Framework of MOET with advanced modifications, following education orientation of the Group. Especially, Life Values and Skills curriculum from grade 1 to grade 12 will be added on since the next scholastics year, which aims to build up perfect human with the finest moral values to become global citizens.




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