Let’s hamonize together with NHG Love Melody 2018

Let’s hamonize together with NHG Love Melody 2018


Nguyen Hoang Group (NHG) is enthusiastically preparing for the Final Round of “Love Melody” – a music competition held for all students from Kindergartens to Upper Secondary Schools of NHG Education System on May 25th, 2018.

A music teacher is instructing her students during Organ class at UK Academy - a member school in NHG's education system

“Loving Melody” – A playground of aesthetic

Former President Gerald Ford once said: “Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them a – world of work, culture, intellectual activity, and human involvement. The future of our nation depends on providing our children with a complete education that includes music”

With the ideal to form comprehensively educated humans, NHG has chosen music education as one of the key training programs for the whole system.

In order to promote music program, NHG held a music competition titled “Loving Melody” for the first time to create an aesthetic playground where students in the system have opportunities to demonstrate their talents and compete in the spirit of learning and solidarity, through which they can inspire each other and spread a message of humanity and love to everybody using the language of music and arts.

The competition launched on November 20th 2017 had attracted a lot of contestants of the 3 main categories: dancing, singing (solo, duo, choral…) and playing instruments (solo, orchestral…) After the Preliminary Round, the Panel of Judges selected 21 excellent performances for the Final Round on May 25th.

A music teacher is instructing her students during Organ class at iSchool - a member school in NHG's education system

Applying international music curriculum

NHG is currently the first to apply international music curriculum to teaching Vietnamese students with MfLMs program (Music for Little Mozarts) for Kindergarten and LCM program (London College of Music) for Primary, Lower and Upper Secondary. All the qualified and experienced teaching staff have to take training courses on teaching methods for these international programs, especially those in charge of LCM are required to take final exams held by the College. LCM directly mark the exams and issue certificates.

For Preschoolers, early exposure to music education with MfLMs program as well as practicing with music instruments such as Organ or percussion instruments like Maracas, Tambourine, Triangle… will help develop their brains,

languages and fine motor skills, unlock their potential and awaken their interest in music.

Regarding LCM, Primary and Secondary students learn music theory through choral singing with various voice types to improve their musical sensibility. Additionally, they’re allowed to opt for and practice with different instruments assigned to different ages such as: Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Flute, Trumpet, jSax, Clarineo, Dood, Cajon, Snare, Jazz Drum, ect. Freely experiencing music with a variety of instruments, which have their own characteristics and qualities, will train the students’ minds, improve their memory, make them sharper and more creative, thus support their general learning process and develop their aptitude and passion for music as well.

Besides applying international programs, NHG has established music clubs, choirs and orchestras at every campus so that students are able to learn and practice with fun, creativity, responsibility and solidarity.

NHG students express their excitement in Music classes

LCM - London College of Music is the world's leading prestigious music academy in the UK. LCM graduates are recruited in many high positions in the world especially the US and UK in music field. Many of them have become legendary singers, notably Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the Rock band Queen. NHG is the first and only Group to fully apply the international music curriculum to teaching Vietnamese students. NHG Education System will become an examination center of LCM Examinations located in every school campus of the Group.


VU THI KIM LOAN, NHG's Music Program Manager

(Source: Human Internal Magazine, 24th issue, April 2018)

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