NHG 19th Birthday: Spread the Aspiration of Knowledge

NHG 19th Birthday: Spread the Aspiration of Knowledge


At the age of 19, Nguyen Hoang Education Group (NHG) affirmed its pioneering and unique position with the complete educational ecosystem from Kindergarten to PhD.

On August 24th, Financial Year XI Summary Conference and NHG’s 19th Anniversary Ceremony (1999-2018) took place in HCM City with the participation of more than 2,000 staffs across the country and parents – students, who are famous “super star”, partners, close friends.

NHG Board of Directors cut birthday cake to celebrate the 19th anniversary.

Speed up to Lead

Closing the financial year XI, CEO Hoang Nguyen Thu Thao said that NHG presented in 15 provinces and cities, with more than 35,000 students and 2,200 staffs, of which 23% reached professor, associate professor, PhD and master level.

“Speed up to Lead” in a year with many strategic moves, NHG has achieved 100% revenue growth, expansion and development of the whole system when completing merging Gia Dinh University into NHG; developing in HCM City with 3 campuses: UK Academy Binh Thanh, iSchool Nam Sai Gon, iSchool South Saigon, iSchool Cu Chi; expanding iSchool at: Hue, Ninh Thuan, Ha Tinh, Tra Vinh in addition to finishing school equipment.

Ms. Hoang Nguyen Thu Thao – CEO of NHG summarized the activities of NHG in the financial year XI.

In particularly, the 10-hectar international education city – IEC Quang Ngai started construction and is planning to complete its roof-topping in September 2018. It is the first comprehensive educational ecosystem of NHG, pioneering in Viet Nam with full of levels from Kindergarten to PhD. and diverse segments.

Sharing the development plan in financial year XII (1-7-2018 to 30-6-2019), Ms. Hoang Nguyen Thu Thao headed to the leap of NHG when actually operating IEC Quang Ngai, increasing the number of universities up to 6, expanding campuses of some systems such as: SGA from 7 to 10, UKA from 2 to 5, iSchool from 15 to 20, a 9-hectar-campus for BVU, as well as K-12 segment for mass-market in HCM City; increasing number of students up to 70,000 and 4,000 staffs.

Mr. Hoang Quoc Viet – President of NHG inspired and motivated NHG staffs.

As a message, the CEO shared Teresa of Calcutta statement: “I can do what you cannot, you can do what I cannot, together – we can do great things”.

At the closing ceremony, the “captain” of NHG ship – President Hoang Quoc Viet shared about the 19-year journey and the right choice to invest fully in education development. The President also spent time to interact, inspire and motivate NHG staffs, calling them to trust and head forward together with a happy smile every day. “Profit has never been the priority of the Group, it is the consequence of having the best quality education system”, the President said.

Awarding “Trust” prize for groups having many contributions in financial year XI.

Awarding “Trust” prize for individuals having many contributions in financial year XI.

Awarding “Romance” prize for individuals having many contributions in financial year XI.

Awarding prizes for individuals having many contributions in financial year XI.

The more Trustful – The more Romantic

Choosing “lord of the sky” – the powerful Eagle as the key image of Anniversary, NHG expressed the aspiration to rise high, move forward with the youthful strength of all people. With “Trust and Romance” identity, the Group rewarded 77 “Trust” prizes, 10 “Romance” prizes, 59 “Contributor” prizes for individuals and 6 “Trust” prizes for group in the financial year XI – honoring the special cultural feature of the Group.

Ritual of awakening the Eagle by sparkling flash light.

At the ceremony, the most gorgeous and memorable moment is the time all staffs lighted up and “woke up” the Eagle by more than 2,000 sparkling flash spots. With a touch on screen, President Hoang Quoc Viet filled in the missing heart in the center of Eagle’s chest. After that, the door opened, the Board of Directors cut birthday cake and toast together to celebrate NHG’s 19 years-old.

Toasting ceremony to celebrate NHG’s 19 years-old.

For the “birthday party” – the stage of NHG’s Got Talent season 3 was very glorious by the talents of many NHG’s employees and famous “super stars”, who are parents and students from NHG’s members.

In the end, the International School of North America (SNA) excellently won 2 first prizes: NHG’s Got Talent and “Together Building Eagle Nest” Contest, which had been launched one month before the birthday. “Eagle Nest” artworks were displayed in the exhibition together with “History Wall”, which demonstrated golden milestones in the foundation and development of NHG in 19 years.

SNA performance won the first prize of NHG’s Got Talent season 3.

“Each year, this event reminds us that we are traveling together on the ship Nguyen Hoang, where there are many joys, challenges and achievements. Every day, I am thinking about NHG's path, identifying challenges and opportunities. There is no leap forward without positive accumulation in long-time, accumulation of strength, resources and responsibility”, said by President Hoang Quoc Viet.

These are some images from the Anniversary:

Ms. Tran Thuy Tram Quyen - Director of Branding & Communications Department gave flowers to Singer Dam Vinh Hung and Hieu Trung - parents and student of SNA.

The judges took photo with SNA's Eagle Nest - which won the first prize of “Together Building Eagle Nest” Contest.

MC Binh Minh and Oc Thanh Van (parents of SNA) led NHG's 19th Anniversary.

The musical "Eagle teaching children" in classical music scene brought a lot of emotions for audience.

The first runner-up of The Voice Kids 2014 - Hoang Anh Doraemon, student of iSchool performed for NHG's Got Talent Contest.

Ms. Hoang Nguyen Thu Thao gave flowers to the Judges of NHG’s Got Talent.

Performance of HIU for NHG’s Got Talent Contest.

Performance of BVU for NHG’s Got Talent Contest.

Performance of SGA for NHG’s Got Talent Contest.

Performance of UK Academy for NHG’s Got Talent Contest.

Performance of NHG Office for NHG’s Got Talent Contest.

Actor Quoc Thuan and Bao Ngu performed the song “The Little Boy”.

More than NHG 2,000 staffs expressed their determination to achieve the objectives of financial year XII.

Overview of NHG Summary Financial Year XI Conference.


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