NHG holds the 1st annual "Voice of Nguyen Hoang - VNH" 2017 contest

NHG holds the 1st annual "Voice of Nguyen Hoang - VNH" 2017 contest


In order for students to have opportunities to express themselves confidently as well as to share their ideas and thoughts effectively in English in public, English Department in conjunction with Branding and Communications Department of NHG officially announce an annual contest “Voice of Nguyen Hoang" 2017 which takes place from August 21st, 2017 to January 20th, 2018.

The contest is to encourage student to communicate in English; to develop their presentation skills and public speaking skills; to promote creativity as well as to foster confidence; to inspire students to share thoughts and experiences effectively; to practice team working skills, film making skills, presenting skills as well as to strengthen the bond between teachers - students – parents.


Contest topics are designed to suit each age group of students. Kindergarteners (Kindy 4,5 and Elementary) will choose one of the topics closely related to their lives such as Family; Friends; Teachers; Pets; Toys.  Meanwhile, junior and high school students select the most contemporary themes of integration: How to become 21st century global citizen (s); What are the global citizen (s)? What are your solutions ?; What are a global citizen's responsibilities ?; What are the benefits of being a global citizen?


The highest prize of the competition is a scholarship of 50% of the 6-month tuition fee for the 2018-2019 school year. In addition, the high school and junior high school championships also have the opportunity to receive a special "iStudent Inspiration Award" as a  Summer camp to Singapore in the next school year.


To sign up for the Vlog round and for further information, the team leader submits the OneDrive link of the clips and the attendee information to Mr. Le Van Thang at by 5 PM of 1/12/2017. The title of the clip is as follows: NameofSchoolSystem_NameofBranch_Topic_AttendeeName_Class. For example: iSchool_LongAn_MyFamily_NguyenVanA_8 / 9.


The 1st VNH competition promises to be an exciting chance for primary and secondary school students of NHG, helping them to improve their English skills naturally and in an interesting way. The contest will also encourage the development of the society in which the students are living, learning and working as well as help students become more confident in the globalization era.







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