Professor Le Xuan Hy: “Let’s be opened by the mutual love and relationship between teacher and student”

Professor Le Xuan Hy: “Let’s be opened by the mutual love and relationship between teacher and student”


During the business trip to Vietnam, Prof. Le Xuan Hy, NHG’s advisor, had meetings with students and teachers of BVU&HIU, two universities in the NHG education system with the topic “University teaching and Online teaching methodology”. NHG’s Branding & Communications Department made a quick interview with Prof. Le Xuan Hy after the conferences.


Prof. Le Xuan Hy, Director of Institute for Human Development, Seattle University (US) - NHG's Advisor



After the meetings with BVU and HIU students, what would you like to say?

Prof. Le Xuan Hy:

First of all, I’d like to thank all the students for their affection toward teachers, which is rare to me when working overseas.

Secondly, I firmly believe in them. They quickly became proactive when invited. That reveals their great potential. They even discuss questions about life, such as how to make decisions, and not just about schools. When students connect quickly and closely to teachers, they can grow fast.


Is focusing on building up the teacher - student relationship in concordance with the “Human” education philosophy of NHG, dear Prof.?

Prof. Le Xuan Hy:

I really treasure the “Romance” factor in NHG’s slogan because therein lies the heart. The Vietnamese heart or “lòng” also contains “head” or reasons, while Westerners separate the reasons of the head from the feelings of the heart. Happiness is in the unified heart, or love, that make us human.

Professor Le Xuan Hy with BVU staff and students


What is the most important thing you’d love to share with the teachers attending “University teaching and online teaching methods” workshop?

Prof. Le Xuan Hy:

First, I would like to show my respect to them, and my desire to learn from them. Older teachers have experience here that I don’t have, and younger teachers have energy and closeness to students that I also do not have. As a guest, I would like to help them appreciate what they have already, such as the close relationship with students, and with colleagues, too. What we always have, we may take for granted and don’t see it any more.


As you know, NHG is proud to own a complete education system from Kindergarten to Postgraduate. Are you willing to have further meetings with teachers and students from other segments like Kindergarten or Secondary in the future?

Prof. Le Xuan Hy:

I’m willing to. I wish to have more of those opportunities so that we can learn from each other and spend more time fostering our mutual relationship. (smiled)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thai Ba Can, Principal of HIU to receive a book from Prof. Le Xuan Hy on behalf of HIU staff and student


Professor Le Xuan Hy is currently studying and teaching at Seattle University (USA) in the position of Director of Institute for Human Development. He previously researched Post-Doc at Harvard University and served as a member in Board of Trustees, Divine Word College (USA). He also had 9 years working in US Congress.

He has studied and researched on Educational Psychology at many American prestigious universities. A number of his research works have been published in popular professional magazines in the world. His research on the measurement of human psychology development (Measuring Ego Development – 1996, Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates) is considered one of the classics of Psychology. Professor Le Xuan Hy has also been teaching in many different countries in the world. Over the past 20 years, he has come back to Vietnam teaching Vietnamese lecturers and students and helped hundreds of Vietnamese postgraduates win scholarships to study in America. He is currently a member of NHG Board of Consultants.




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