SNA Him Lam Campus Construction commences

SNA Him Lam Campus Construction commences


Nguyen Hoang Group has decided to start International Schools of North America (SNA) project at Him Lam residential area, Ho Chi Minh City.

WASC accredited school

SNA system will welcome a new campus located at Road No. 20, Him Lam residential area, Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City on an area of nearly 10,000m2. As designed, SNA Him Lam Campus will have a semi-basement, 4 floors and a mezzanine with a total floor area of approximately 17,000m2.


Picture 1-From outside, SNA is a modern structure with stylish lines and elegant angles

Picture 2- SNA Him Lam’s beautiful swimming pool


Picture 3- Gymnasium

Picture 4- WASC-standard gymnasium for annual sports festivals


The campus will have more than 80 classrooms that are well designed, furnished and lit, to maximize teaching and learning support. More than 2,000 students across the country will have the opportunity to engage in the standard learning environment in accordance with WASC, an internationally acclaimed American accrediting agency.

Picture 5-SNA’s cafeterias designed to be a passionate space for students to relax


Nguyen Hoang Group has chosen Tan Ky Construction Real Estate Trading Corporation to be the main contractor for this project.  The construction kicked off in March 2017 and is expected to operate by August, 2017. This is the same construction company of 25-story HIU building “Ship of Knowledge”.


Experiencing a learning environment like in the United States right in Vietnam

SNA is adequately built with functional rooms including music, drama, art, a library, robotics for STEM programs (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and humanities rooms (with smart boards and audio-visual aids), multidisciplinary rooms, laboratory, canteen, multifunctional hall, swimming pool, etc.


SNA’s special feature is that 50% of the compound is covered with vegetation, lush sports fields, golf course, baseball field - US famous sports etc. The students learn music in cozy modern classrooms with world-renowned musical institute graduates.

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