SNA Students Explored "The Leaders' Bookshelf"

SNA Students Explored "The Leaders' Bookshelf"


On May 19th, nearly a hundred businessmen and 600 parents - students attended the Leader Talk show on “The Leaders’ bookshelf” at School of North America - SNA

At the show, famous leaders from different fields shared about their favorite books that change mindset and improve life, particularly: Mr. Le Viet Hai, Chairman of Hoa Binh Group with “Heart”; Mr.Paul Le, Vice Chairman of SME, Vietnam Trade Promotion Central Group with “The Art of War”; Ms.Loan Le - CEO of Loan Le Place with the most-read book of all time: “How the steel was tempered” and so on...

According to Dr.Do Manh Cường - Permanent member of Education Council and Academic Director of Nguyen Hoàng Group (NHG), Nguyen Hoang Education System has established “Reading Culture” to nurture students’ spirit, helping them become comprehensively educated individuals


Mr Ly Truong Chien - Senior Consultant, Chairman of Tri Tri Group brought along 2 books conveying 2 different messages. Through “Buffer: The Making of an American Capitalist”, he inspired the youths to learn from the great man, who is in a high position but not inaccessible, who has all the talent and virtue but lives a very simple life; while with “The Ten Commitments”, he encouraged the youths to begin their journey of awakening themselves with clear targets, putting ideas into actions, making dreams come true, creating the right vision for a better life.

SNA students were instructed in how to read books by the businessmen


According to Dr.Do Manh Cường - Permanent member of Education Council and Academic Director of Nguyen Hoàng Group (NHG), establishing and developing reading culture is an essential thing to do for students of NHG in particular and for the whole society in general.

 Famous leaders in diferent fields presented books to students at the talk show


“Reading can’t be separated from studying, because as we read, we are learning. Knowing about reading culture is understanding learning culture. Reading is a good habit that helps students learn effectively, and nurtures their spiritual life as well, making them become  comprehensively educated individuals as expressed in NHG’s motto.” Emphasized Dr. Do Manh Cuong.

SNA students showed their interest in reading books


The talk show has gained positive feedback from parents and students. At the end of the show, speakers directly presented books to students attending the show. Many businessmen, professors and doctors also donated a lot of books to SNA library as a way to contribute to the establishment of reading habit as well as the development of reading culture for these future seeds of our country.

SNA students received books from businessmen attending the talk show


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