Overcoming more than 100 contestants from secondary schools in Ho Chi Minh city (HCMC), 3 students of the International School of North America (SNA) were honored to be selected in the 21 STEM ambassadors of the education program “STEM Ambassadors – The seeds for future” sponsored by the US Consulate.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM Ambassadors program is sponsored by the US Consulate, in order to seek and train 21 secondary students to make them become STEM ambassadors – the seeds for community changing. This is the first time of this program, which was started in May 2018 for students from 11 – 15 years old, living in HCMC.

Participating in the program, passion and talents of students in STEM fields are nurtured; they are equipped with necessary knowledge, skills to hold and develop STEM events in their community. By that way, seeding the knowledge for a better future for themselves and other children throughout Vietnam.

Passing 3 rounds of the competition, 3 of 7 SNA students, including: Tom Phi Trung Viet, Jack Do Minh Ngoc Quy of grade 9 and Anna Ngo Trinh Bao Nhi of grade 7 were excellently received positive and sympathetic comments from the Organizers, became STEM ambassadors. After the awarding night of STEM Ambassadors on August 04th, students will join the training session together with experts to prepare for community events in the early of 2019.

Tom Phi Trung Viet – grade 9 (right) discussed with team who was randomly assigned in the 2nd round – Maker Day of STEM Ambassadors program.

Anna Ngo Trinh Bao Nhi – grade 7 (the 1st from right) listened to comments of the Organizers about her team’s performance.

Jack Do Minh Ngoc Quy – grade 9 received Certification of STEM Ambassadors program sponsored by the US Consulate.

Monitoring performances of SNA students throughout the competition, Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Yen – Project Manager commented: “Through different rounds, they showed the confidence by introducing themselves and dreams via a video clip, were really creative and demonstrated their knowledge in a difficult challenge in Maker Day round. Finally, in the last round – Be A Speaker, they talked out loud their thought and solutions for an urgent environmental problem: Pollution of Water, Air and Solid Wastes”.

Tom Phi Trung Viet (left) and Anna Ngo Trinh Bao Nhi (right) represented for SNA to receive STEM Ambassadors trophy.

Tom Phi Trung Viet (first on the right) signed the commitment to be a member of STEM Ambassadors: The Seeds for Future program in the awarding night.

Watching students overcome the challenges and become STEM ambassadors to carry out meaningful events for community is an honor of SNA, which plays as a “house” nourishing and developing science talents of students, helping them to shine brighter on their studying – training pathway.


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