NHG to present students over 30.000 set of flashcards for “52 expressions of kindness"

NHG to present students over 30.000 set of flashcards for “52 expressions of kindness"


On the first week after Tet holiday, more than 30.000 students from the 7 education systems of Nguyen Hoang Group including Saigon Academy International Kindergarten System (SGA), iSchool International Integrated System (iSchool), UK Academy Bilingual System (UKA), Schools of North America (SNA), Institute for International Relations and Study Abroad (iStudent), Hong Bang International University (HIU), Ba Ria – Vung Tau University (BVU) were welcomed back to school with a lovely small gift expressing the “Humanity” Education Philosophy that NHG has been wholeheartedly following. The gift is a set of 52 flashcards with inspirational quotes for a year of 52 happy weeks.

Since the very first day focusing on education investment, NHG has formulated and strictly followed the “Humanity” Education Philosophy. The Group has determined that the philosophy must be specified by practical actions to inspire good values in individuals and community, and that it must be processed continuously, synchronously and systematically.

The gift conveys passion, love and appreciation from NHG Board of leaders to students, with the hope that they will spend time every week reading and reflecting upon a quote, noting down their own thoughts and determination on the back side of the flashcard. With this “spiritual companion”, students are expected to be able to look back on how beautifully and happily they have lived their lives.

The gift conveys passion, love and appreciation from NHG Board of leaders to students

A tool to spread the spirit of “Humanity”

The 52 quotes, which are of the following main topics: Honesty, Bravery, Peace, Generosity, Kindness, Friendship, Cooperation, Education and Love, were carefully selected and accurately quoted in the original English version of the authors. This set of flashcards not only conveys the “Humanity” spirit and values but also helps students learn and think well in English.

Create opportunities for teacher-student-parent relationship, awaken good nature of every individual

NHG believes that this set of flashcards is more than just a gift for only students. It is indeed an opportunity for all teachers, parents and students to establish mutual relationships, and for students themselves to awaken their good natures.

During the flag salute every Monday, principals will pick up a card and analyze the meaning of the quote for students. Teachers will then find their ways to repeat it in class. Homeroom teachers will also email parents so that they can give a hand in helping students spread the spirit right in their families.

Mr. Hien Chuong, a UKA's teacher explaining the meaning of quotes printed on flashcards to students

Thus, everybody from principals, teachers, students and their families will be able to reflect on the quote and together live the spirit it conveys, which helps produce and heighten powerful effects so as to inspire each individual and the whole community to “lead a beautiful life”.

Students of iSchool Soc Trang were very happy to receive this meaningful giftset

Specifically, the week with the quote “There is more happiness in giving than in receiving” (Acts 20:35) will be named “Giving Week”, during which students have to meditate and ask themselves whether they have truly lived the spirit of loving and giving. Sometimes, the value we give is simply a gentle smile, a warm hug or a kind word, yet those are enough to light somebody up, that could be a stranger or the one we love but we seem to have been ignoring in this hectic life.

SNA teacher instructs student on how to use the flashcard giftset

With personal experience and self-reflection, teachers and parents can enhance students’ understanding of the quotes through sharing about the topics and the stories behind them, from which they build up a cordial teacher-student relationship.

At the end of a week, homeroom teachers will draw lessons from those stories. With such real-life stories, NHG believes that the spirit will be deeply engraved, widely spread and forever maintained in students’ minds throughout the journey of their lives.

Jackie - a 4th grader from SNA expressed his eagerness to receive the set of flashcards. According to him, the gift is so meaningful as it helps him enrich his English vocabulary and provides him with different views on good things in life.
Anh Thu - a 2nd grader from UKA has shared that this is such a lovely gift and she would love to use the flashcards to write down things she learns from friends and at school everyday.

When the year ends, NHG will conclude a year of loving, sharing and giving and proceed to encourage students to “lead a beautiful life” every moment of their lives. “Lead a beautiful life” has become valuable culture of the entire NHG education system which spreads the spirit of “Humanity” and produces the fruit of love that brings great values to community and society.


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