Claned Group

Claned Group

Claned is an online and mobile learning tool, which creates a learning space for each student. Within that space they study, collaborate and find material matching their individual needs. Claned applies artificial intelligence and learning research, revealing what factors impact individual learning. The product concept is based on years of academic research, and has been developed in collaboration with leading educational institutions.

Claned is designed to capture data on every interaction students make with the system. Interactions occur when students read, write, collaborate, organize and plan – everything that students do. This results in a comprehensive insight that demonstrates the student’s study performance and learning orientation, but also motivation, emotion and stress levels. Claned helps students to learn how they learn.

Claned returns the data back to teachers and education providers through Learning Analytics in a graphical easy to understand form in real-time. Teachers thus receive the necessary tools to intervene before failure or drop-outs occur, as well as assistance in recognizing students needing support or lacking challenge.

Claned provides educators insight into the factors influencing learning and the power to modify these factors by revealing how students learn in their institutions. Educators can act upon the real time knowledge and continuously produce better and more adaptive courses for their students.

Nguyen Hoang Group has signed the strategic collaboration agreement with Claned Group on August, 2017.


Ms. Hoang Nguyen Thu Thao, CEO of NHG signed the strategic collaboration agreement with Claned Group during NHG's business trip, August 2017.

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