IEC Quang Ngai: A human-centered working environment

IEC Quang Ngai: A human-centered working environment


The dynamic and creative international education environment with many comprehensive professional training programs, preferential policies and appropriate support, etc. are the highlights making the International Education City - IEC Quang Ngai become an attractive destination for many talented teachers.

On March 9th, IEC Quang Ngai held a “Job Fair” event to provide helpful information about recruiting positions there, including teachers, tutors and staff. With the participation of the representatives of Nguyen Hoang Group (NHG), IEC Quang Ngai and other leading HR professionals, the event attracted over 500 potential Vietnamese and foreign candidates.

Candidate registering to join the “Job Fair” event

Working in IEC Quang Ngai: Opportunity to reach out to the world

As the first and only comprehensive education ecosystem in Vietnam built by NHG, IEC Quang Ngai provides an all-segmented education environment from kindergarten to grade 12, including a high-quality international integration system, international bilingual system and complete international system. Participating in the elite team of IEC Quang Ngai, teachers and staff have the opportunities to keep in touch with the development of advanced international education, work in an international standards environment with modern facilities and maximum support.

Sharing about the education environment in IEC, Dr. Do Manh Cuong – Deputy CEO of NHG, K-12 academic affairs said: “IEC approaches the human-centered educational philosophy that the school is where not only students are centered but also the teachers and employees.”

“Teachers and students can also be center of each other to pay attention, take care and love each other to develop together”, Dr. Do Manh Cuong emphasized

The team working at IEC should fulfill all standards of teachers, have ambition to build up a superior education environment, always be innovative and have lifelong learning spirit. Above all, working at IEC Quang Ngai, teachers and staff have opportunities to work with the professional Vietnamese and foreign educational experts to improve themselves in a multi-cultured environment and catch up with modern education trends in the world.

Always welcome people with the spirit of “I can do”

IEC Quang Ngai will officially open in May 2019 and enroll students for 2019-2020 academic year. It is predicted that in the first school year, IEC Quang Ngai will recruit more than 200 employers, in which there are 140 Vietnamese and foreign teachers, the rest is office staff, including these positions: human resources; accounting; information technology; library management; school counseling; abroad education management; doctors; medical room nurses; drivers; communications; etc.

Candidates interested in helpful information about recruiting positions in IEC Quang Ngai

In addition to the competitive salary, IEC Quang Ngai also supports accommodation and meals for all employees working there. Especially, candidates with permanent residence in other provinces and cities will receive allowances valued 15-30% of basic salary. They are also supported for air, train or taxi tickets to visit their families.

Talking about the opportunity working at IEC Quang Ngai, Mr. Steve Pham - Head of Recruitment Department, IEC Quang Ngai said: “ICE Quang Ngai in particular and NHG in general always welcomes mentors and staff with “I can do” spirit. They are confident, motivated, daring and passionate about education. And most importantly, they must achieve moral qualities to join us in developing quality of comprehensive education”.

The representatives of IEC Quang Ngai and HR professionals answering questions of candidates about working environment in IEC Quang Ngai

By the full-hearted investment in education, IEC Quang Ngai understands that the team of knowledge is the invaluable treasure of the school and Group during its dedication to the aspirations of national education


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