“Every School day is a Happy day” – The first MV of Nguyen Hoang Group for school ages

“Every School day is a Happy day” – The first MV of Nguyen Hoang Group for school ages


On September 05th 2018, in the joyful atmosphere of welcoming new scholastic year nearly 24 million students nationwide, singer Hien Thuc and composer Nguyen Van Chung publish MV “Every School day is a Happy day” for school ages with bright melody and meaningful lyrics.

Singer Hien Thuc looks fresh in MV “Every School day is a Happy day”

This is also a reunion music project of Hien Thuc and Nguyen Van Chung after 10 years since the introduction of the song “Mother’s Diary”. The MV is made by artist Quoc Thuan with the participation of Dieu Anh, Thu Ky, Phuong Anh, Kim Anh and 150 kid-actors, who are students from members of Nguyen Hoang educational system.

Hien Thuc and students of Nguyen Hoang educational system in the new song

From “Mother’s Diary” to … “children’s diaries”

It can be said that “Every School day is a Happy day” is a new bright and happy page of “Mother’s Diary”. According to Nguyen Van Chung, “Mother’s Diary” has come to life for 10 years, that means the children of these days are about 10 years old today. “This age is school age and Chung suddenly wants to write a song bringing the joy for his son and friends. Through the song, we can see each day going to school is a very happy day”, Chung said.

“Happy classes” at education members of NHG that composer Nguyen Van Chung wants to deliver to audience

Sharing about the difficulties of composing the song, the author of “Mother’s Diary” took a long time to complete the song, get along himself in the learning environment, come to the schools of Nguyen Hoang Group to talk with children and teachers to have deeper feelings.

Students of the International School of North America (SNA) in the MV “Every School day is a Happy day”

“We have the hearts”

Every day, when listening to his son tell about a school day, composer Nguyen Van Chung feels that this a very good education environment and wishes he could go to such a school in the past. With his son, meeting friends, teachers, learning more knowledge has become a passion, not a compulsory thing.

The Experiment class of students in the International Bilingual School UK Academy (the school Nguyen Van Chung’s son is going to) in the new MV composed by himself

A special thing in this song is that it has expressed very clearly the 5H education philosophy, including Head, Heart, Hand, Health and Human through the poetic lyrics like: “Our Heart is always wide open for love”, “These two Healthy Hands will build up a beautiful world for Human – Being”, “Keep your Head up”…

5H education philosophy in MV “Every School day is a Happy day” is visualized by the graduation image of HIU students, who are perfect in Mind – Intelligence – Ability

“Therefore, Chung wants to express accurately the education sentiments that Nguyen Hoang Group delivered through this song. I hope that the children in school ages can hear and love the song, and like the title, each day going to school is a happy day with the children”.


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