More than 4,000 schools in 157 countries teaching International Baccalaureate (IB) program. In Viet Nam, there are only 13 schools following this curriculum. It is obvious that the needs of studying in international environment of Vietnamese students is increasing rapidly. However, choosing an international school for children, which is suitable with demands and wishes of parents, is not simple at all.

Plenty of international program

Actually, there are many international schools providing IB program, Bilingual program, Pre-university program, that creates an international education environment diversified in curriculum, certificate value, and school fee segments. Depend on studying demands in current and future, parents need to define children’s studying trend and finance ability to follow the international program until the end.

One of the most common international program nowadays is Bilingual. Representative of International Bilingual School UK Academy (UKA) said that international bilingual schools train both Vietnam MOET program (which is compiled in a streamlined way) and additional English program (including some subjects in international curriculum and pre-university subjects). This is also a segment with the most reasonable school fee in international program category.

Meanwhile, many international schools provide program of other countries, such as: UK, US, France, Australia, Canada, … In these schools, students will follow the same general education program with above countries. Although they have quite high school fee, native program and teachers will help students approach international education environment in developed countries.

Another choice is IB program. Due to the severe evaluation on quality and prestige, only a few schools are allowed teaching and training this program.

Mr. Vo Chi Lam (HCMC), who lets his child study English since the age of 3, intends to choose international school for his child’s grade 1. However, in nearly a month, he still cannot make decision on which school to send the child. “I’m going to let my children study abroad, hence I have to prepare a solid foundation at first. That’s why I still want them to follow IB program, although school fees will be much higher.” – shared by him.

Many parents respond and trust in IB program for primary years (IB – PYP) of International School of North America (SNA).


International universities “prefer” IB

Statistics show that there are more than 4,000 schools in 157 countries teaching IB program, including some schools in Viet Nam. Requirements of consideration and evaluation for training IB are extremely harsh, and the number of students is limited.

A survey made in United States in 2014 shows that students graduating from IB program have higher ability to collect knowledge and fully meet requirements of the universities more than students from other programs.

In Viet Nam, there are 13 schools following IB program currently, including International School of North America (SNA) – which is one of 7 international schools training IB for primary years (PYP – Primary Years Program) for students in the age of 6-10. Students in the ages of 11-15 will follow MYP (Middle Years Program), and DP (Diploma Program) is for students in the ages of 16-19. Some schools offer all 3 levels of IB.

DP is the highest level of IB, which is established as high school / pre-university program, lasts for 2 years for students in international schools. With a comprehensive structure of subjects and materials, IB is highly recognized and evaluated by many universities around the world, especially in the US and Europe. Dr. David Burpee – President of SNA shared with us: “The IB program at SNA helps students have good preparation for university in the future. They will have more opportunities to get approval from prestigious universities. Studying time in university is shortened because some credits of IB program are accepted in universities, students do not need to register these subjects in universities again.”

SNA students adapted to international education environment from the early ages by following IB – PYP.


According to education experts, IB is the program helping students well prepare for university education and career path in future. Graduating from the IB program, students will have more choices for taking majors in university. When looking for career opportunities, IB students easily satisfy the requirements of flexibility and adaptability from recruiters. It is also considered as a time to “taste” the abroad studying. IB is evaluated as one of the most prestigious pre-university degrees nowadays.



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