NHG family experienced a "vacation" for hearts

NHG family experienced a "vacation" for hearts


"Fresh", "Opening", "Happiness" ... those adjectives were all clearly shown on the bright faces of each member of the NHG family after two days to participate in training course "Values of Life" of TransformedU JSC. This is the beginning of NHG's training series aiming to build a loving, intellectual, working, healthy and well-rounded human resource team as the Philosophy of the Group.


NHG family experienced the "Values of Life" training course, November 4th & 5th, 2017


With a series of specially designed experiential activities, practitioners have been exposed to the five miraculous energy resources that are available in each person: Letting go, Accepting, Sharing, Giving, Concentrating. Besides human’s capability (made up of knowledge, skills, attitudes), these are the five factors that help everyone to overcome difficulties and challenges in life, from which they breakthrough, develop themselves, spread good values to the community.

So many smiles everyone shared to each other during the course


Within the course, participants also learned how to erase the barriers that they created, so as to open ourselves to accept others, as well as to understand that behind each individual is a story, therefore they should not be judged. Respecting the difference and treating people with love are the key to help each NHG member to love and share with their colleagues, cherish every moment of working together, helping and sharing each other to reach all goals. Each NHG member understood more deeply the pressure and responsibilities of managers and leaders so that staffs show more gratitude to them, from which everyone will try their bests in every small tasks assigned and bring the organization strong and sustainable growth.

Hugs - a way to show loving attitude to others


Throughout two days, each heart is widely opened, cry together, laugh together, share their thoughts, stories with a loving attitude to others. The NHG family has experienced the values of good living and know how to live happily; how to overcome fear with trust and dedication. Moreover, the sense of responsibility is risen.

Together, we laugh, we cry, we share...

"I hope the valuable lessons that the program brings to us will be one of the important catalysts for you on your path of mission that you have chosen to contribute more to Nguyen Hoang family and the society.” Said Dr. Dinh Quang Nuong, Deputy General Director of NHG after the course.

"Thank you for giving me a great relationship with the students at SNA. I love them and would like to do more for them. Their daily smiles have answered me the question "Who am I in this life ?”. Thank you, friends, brothers and sisters, teachers who are very important people to help my life more meaningful and full of the color of life ... I would like to sing "Peace" song by Quoc Bao: As from we are born a life again - Peace a moment to take us back - Our hearts will be peaceful ... ".The sharing of Ms. Viet Tam - Lecturer of the Special Education program of the International School of North America - SNA in the morning of 5-11 partly expresses the emotion that is still abundant in all the brothers and sisters after the course "Values ​​of Life".

The course finished but the new page has opened to all of the participants to start a more meaningful life, to share more with families and colleagues, to contribute more to NHG so that our Group develops sustainably and strongly while love is widely spread.



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