Teacher Award 2018 – Golden Hearts to Appreciate the Teacher

Teacher Award 2018 – Golden Hearts to Appreciate the Teacher


On November 17th, on the occasion of Vietnam Teacher’s Day, Nguyen Hoang Group (NHG) held the event Teacher Award 2018 to honor all the teachers, lecturers and nannies for their tiredless devotion for education quality of NHG in particular and Vietnam education in general.

Images of the great teachers of NHG education system are respectfully displayed in the main hall of HIU – The Ship of Knowledge

“Trust & Romance” in education

With NHG, teachers are the symbol of the identity of “Trust & Romance” in education, who are treasures that leaders and staff of NHG cherish and respect.

Along with Teacher Award 2018, the contest of sharing the points of view, feelings and stories about “Trust & Romance” in education was also launched since October, attracting the participation of all the teachers, lecturers and nannies in Nguyen Hoang education system.

The presentation about the meaning of slogan “Trust & Romance” in education of Ms. Michelle Chau – teacher of SNA is 1 of 3 most excellent in the contest

At the event, the best sharings were performed by the teachers themselves. In which, “Trust” is highly recognized in teaching quality and “Romance” is the happiness index in the classes. 

Teachers winning the most excellent presentation about “Trust & Romance in teaching” receive flowers, certificates and gifts from the representatives of NHG

The passionate appreciation

At the event, the moment giving flowers from the students in Nguyen Hoang education system to their teachers has pushed up the motivation for those who are following teaching careers.

The touching moment when students are giving flowers to their teachers

“If a mother is called the soul of a family, then a great teacher is the soul of an amazing class” – Truong Hoang Bao Thu (Cindy), student of class 9, SNA, representing for students in the system, expresses her appreciation toward the teachers

Not only students, Mr. Dinh Quang Nuong, Deputy CEO, information technology affairs also honors the great role of teachers as educators in the 4.0 technological era by his thoughful and sincere words.

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. As the educators who are also the guides, teachers need to become a source of light, a mirror for students to see themselves, nourish the soul and knowledge, spread the good values in life” – Mr. Dinh Quang Nuong emphasizes.

Golden hearts to appreciate the teachers

In the ceremony, 38 teachers are honored to receive the golden hearts for their devotion and bold creativity for the Human education philosophy of NHG. The heart badges made from 18K gold represent for the durable bounding of teachers with the career, the passion of teaching unlimited knowledge and their merit that many generations of NHG always remember.

Dr. Dinh Quang Nuong gives flowers, Human books and gold heart badges to teachers of Teacher Award 2018 prize

“I am really touched when receiving NHG’s Teacher Award prize with the symbol of gold heart. I know that whether the times come and society changes, teaching is always a precious and proud career.” – shared by Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Thuong, teacher of iSchool Long An.

Teachers awarded the prizes take photos with the representatives of management board of NHG

Singer Dong Nhi also congratulates on the Vietnam Teacher’s Day with 2 lovely songs about the teacher – student relationship and the school age


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