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Support and inspriration

In line with the trend of globalization and the need for integration and development, NHG is constantly striving to bring about an international standard environment with internationally recognized education systems and programs.

Those are the strong but realistic commitments which underlie our pioneering innovation efforts. However, it will be more objective to let people learn about our efforts through the lens of "observers".

Mr. Lee Jong In
General Director of Wooribank Vietnam

“When Korea and Vietnam expand cooperation relations and develop on a national scale, the cooperation between Wooribank Vietnam and Nguyen Hoang Group at the present has more profound meaning. Woori Bank will use full advantage of our strengths as well as provide market-appropriate solutions and do our best to support Nguyen Hoang Group to continue as a leading unit investing in education sector and spreading knowledge in Vietnam.” 

Sharing at the strategic cooperation signing ceremony taking place on June 3rd, 2020. 

Mr. Le Dinh Son
Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Ha Tinh Provincial People's Council

“We share the same educational perspective with IEC Quang Ngai, which posits that education is to create new generations of students who are fully developed in all aspects – emotionally, intellectually, and physically – ready to become responsible global citizens. We look forward to replicating IEC Quang Ngai’s model of education in Ha Tinh – the land of the studious”.

Speech delivered during the visit and working trip to IEC Quang Ngai, July 21, 2019

Mr. Nguyen Hong Linh
Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of People's Council of Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province

“I am delighted to visit UKA, to talk to the teachers and their motivated students. I am pleased to believe that UKA students will become exellent citizens of Ba Ria - Vung Tau upon graduation.”

Speech delivered during the trip to UKA to visit its teachers and students on the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers' Day November 20, 2017

Dr. John Duy-An Nguyen
PhD in Information Technology (George Mason University)

“The establishment of NHG Boards and Committees specialized in education development and accreditation is very appropriate and shows a vision much needed to develop the Group.

With new directions for development in the time to come, I hope that these Committees and Boards will be fully empowered to be able to realize that vision.”

Speech delivered during the visit and working trip to NHG on March 18, 2019.

Mr. Adam Khoo
Singaporean Millionaire

Singaporean millionaire Adam Khoo, one of the 25 richest people in Singapore under the age of 40, Asia's leading training expert, is the first international guest to stay at Sulyna Hotel of HIU, the first 5-star school hotel model in Viet Nam.

“You are very fortunate to be studying in a univeristy that is well-equipped to adapt itself to modern industry, and to be provided with the practical skills required for your chosen profession. Get ready to face future challenges and train yourselves to become lifelong learners.”

Motivation speech given by Mr. Adam Khoo for HIU students on May 6, 2018

Mr. Ian Gibbons
British Consulate General In Ho Chi Minh City

“The field of education and culture has always been the focus and first priority to promote cooperation between the two countries and bring the UK closer to its friendsin the world. I hope that the cooperation between BSCW and NHG is the beginning of more sustainable and extensive cooperation in the field of education.”

Speech delivered at the Signing Ceremony for the Exclusive Teaching Partnership for NCUK University Preparation Program at UK Academy, on March 14, 2019

Ms. Julianne Cowley
Australian Consulate General In Ho Chi Minh City

“With the number of Australian tourists coming to Vietnam ever increasing, it is essential that high quality human resources in tourism should be further developed. The Consulate will provide our full support to act as a bridge for BVU and reputable universities in Australia to cooperate in training and scientific research.”

Speech delivered during the visit to BVU, July 4, 2019.

Mr. Kyle Nunas
Consulate General Of Canada In Ho Chi Minh City

“The cooperation between B+H Architects -- a leading Canadian architectural design unit and Nguyen Hoang Education Group -- a leading educational organization in Vietnam will bring tangible benefits for the generation, while also showing the growing cooperation between Canada and Vietnam.”

Speech delivered at the Signing Ceremony of the Agreement for Strategic Partnership and Design Consultancy for the International Education City - IEC between NHG and B + H Architects, July 25, 2019