“Together Building Eagle Nest” – The Aspiration to Conquer the New Sky of Knowledge

“Together Building Eagle Nest” – The Aspiration to Conquer the New Sky of Knowledge


It is no coincidence that on the 19th anniversary (1999-2018), NHG chooses Eagle as the symbol of the event. The Eagle lives on the peak of high mountains, in the midst of majestic nature, free to fly down to the bottom of the valley or toward the sky high without borders. Through the tough practice in life, inside the Eagle, there is always a precious spirit.

Eagle is considered as the symbol of superior will and extraordinary strength, which is the image that NHG want to head to with the aspiration of raising high, reaching far and affirming the leading position in private education market in Vietnam.

To share the spirit with NHG’s 19th Anniversary, before the event, “Together Building the Eagle Nest” Contest was launched at the member units to show the spirit of solidarity, together speed up to lead, as well as aspiration to conquer the new sky of knowledge.

Let’s see the artworks of schools to see the spirit “Speed up to Lead”!

SNA's artwork winning the First prize of "Together Building Eagle Nest" Contest: By the image mighty Eagle spreading its wings, SNA affirms to train the future leaders with all factors of Mind – Intelligence – Ability.

With SGA, the Eagle nest is grafted from strong branches, hugging, protecting the eggs –  small children.

The Eagle nest of iSchool is a book – the symbol of Knowledge, the path leading to sustainable success.

UK Academy built the Eagle nest basing on 5H philosophy (Heart – Head – Hand – Health – Human), emphasizing the role of training perfect student generations.

The heart image presents for solidarity of all lecturers – staffs of BVU, by which creates the strength to lead student generations to success.

The nest of HIU is a red circle presenting for the youth, the enthusiasm and the "eggs" presenting for its diverse disciplines.


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