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Happy Teachers' Day Messages November 20th, 2018


Dear beloved teachers,

Today, on the occasion of Vietnam Teachers' day, on behalf of the board of leaders, I would like to state my appreciation and love to all teachers within the Nguyen Hoang education sytem.

My dear teachers,

Our students are chanting the "Every school day is a happy day" song throughout the system every day, yet the lyrics would not be true given that each school day is not a contented day for you. I wish that every educator of our Group will live every year of 365 happy days in which November 20th (the Teachers’ Day) is the most cheerful one.

Education is a word that comes from Latin language. In Latin, there are three derivatives of the word: Educatum, Educare, and Educere. "Educatum" means "teaching, training", "Educare" indicates "bringing up" and "Educere" represents "leading forth".

“Leading” in this context is not about the dominant possession of property, social class or power but help, creativity, dignity and love first. It is you – our teachers – who have been sharing, setting examples and supporting students for the very leading position in patience. It could not be more noble, could not be more adorable!

My dear teachers, it is a norm as a corporation is defined by its economic factors such as property, cost, profit, etc.

That is affirmative. However, in the positon of Nguyen Hoang Group,  we believe that our most precious treasure is you – cultured and well-rounded students and teachers who are taking time to create and shine our great and beloved philosophy of Trust & Romance.

Our biggest pride is the trust of parents and students across the country. It is the value that Nguyen Hoang Group, with you hand in hand, would like to devote to Viet Nam and its people. I would like to have all of you – our teachers – on the elegant mission and aspiration.

In the end, as a parent, wish you all the Joy, Peace and Happiness today and every day after.


HCMC, November 20th, 2018

Hoang Nguyen Thu Thao, CEO