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iSchool For Community celebrates Tet with 15,000 trees


Welcoming the new year with the 'iSchool For Community' campaign, the iSchool System marked the milestone of 15,000 trees, 3 times the number of trees compared to the first phase.

Students at iSchool Tra Vinh participated in planting 700 casuarina trees in Ba Dong beach. Photo: iSchool Tra Vinh.

The "iSchool For Community" campaign is a journey of the iSchool community, starting in early 2023 on the 15th anniversary of the school system's establishment.

From the days of cultivating the first trees together, iSchool For Community has now officially become an important annual activity for iSchool students, who join hands in the journey of developing sustainable values.

The first phase of the campaign attracted thousands of people, from staff and teachers to parents and students of iSchool, who planted 3,680 trees, organized 127 community events, donated money, and contributed 2,600 books. These are the first but extremely important steps, laying the foundation for subsequent activities.

In the next phase from November 2023 to the end of January 2024, the campaign has received a strong response, more than 93% of the 14 schools in the system have actively participated, with a total of 12,300 trees planted is planted. In the first quarter of 2024, the campaign is expected to reach the milestone of 15,000 trees - a remarkable step forward.

Trường iSchool Nha Trang tiên phong trong chiến dịch iSchool For Community với chương trình trồng rừng ngập mặn.
iSchool Nha Trang pioneered the iSchool For Community campaign with the mangrove planting program. Photo: iSchool Nha Trang.

Throughout the 16-year journey of accompanying and developing with generations of students, iSchool International Integration School System has established its position as an internationally integrated educational environment and stands out with its outstanding marks strong social impression.

Every tree planted, event organized, and book donated contributes to creating and spreading sustainable values. iSchool has proven that we can only create positive change for the environment and the community when we act together.

iSchool Ninh Thuan's volunteer trip brings a warm Tet season. Photo: iSchool Ninh Thuan.
iSchool Ninh Thuan's volunteer trip brings a warm Tet season. Photo: iSchool Ninh Thuan.

iSchool For Community is a meaningful campaign of the iSchool International Integration School System, launched in July 2023. The campaign was built to raise awareness and responsibility of each iSchool member towards climate change and preserving environmental resources.

The program also responds to Decision No. 524/QD-TTg approving the Project "Planting 1 billion trees in the period 2021-2025", Decision No. 662/QD-TTg Project "Protecting and developing forests in coastal areas sea ​​to respond to climate change and promote green growth in the period 2021 - 2030" by the Prime Minister.

Chiến dịch iSchool For Community được đông đảo giáo viên, cán bộ nhân viên Nhà trường hưởng ứng, tham gia. Ảnh: iSchool Quảng Trị.
Teachers and school staff responded to and participated in the iSchool For Community campaign. Photo: iSchool Quang Tri.

With its achievements, iSchool For Community will be the foundation for iSchool to set higher goals in the process of implementing its social responsibilities.

In the new year, iSchool System will continue to develop specific plans to raise awareness and train the young generation to be environmentally conscious and ready to contribute to the community and society.


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