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HIU signs comprehensive cooperation agreement with Thong Nhat General Hospital (Dong Nai)


On January 18, 2023, Hong Bang International University (HIU) held a signing ceremony of a comprehensive cooperation memorandum between HIU and Thong Nhat General Hospital (Dong Nai) to exploit and promote the effectiveness of each side's potential in training, communication activities, sharing knowledge and skills, creating internship, and working opportunities for HIU students in the health sector.  Within the ceremony framework is the program summarizing undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuous semester I training and implementing the semester II training plan for the 2023 - 2024 school year of Hong Bang International University.

The signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement between HIU and Thong Nhat General Hospital

Representatives of the Hospital Board of Directors and key officials of Thong Nhat General Hospital departments attended the ceremony. On the side of Hong Bang International University, Prof. Ph.D. Dr. Pham Van Linh, the university president, and leadership representatives from relevant departments participated.

The cooperation between Thong Nhat General Hospital (Dong Nai) and HIU is an important step forward in improving the quality of training, scientific research, and community healthcare. This is also an opportunity for both sides to share experiences and resources, contributing to improving the quality of medical human resources and meeting the people's increasing healthcare needs.

The two units will focus on cooperation and implementing coordinated undergraduate and postgraduate training, including:

  • Undergraduate: Medicine, Dentistry, Traditional Medicine, Pharmacy, Medical Testing, Nursing, Midwifery, Nutrition, Rehabilitation Technology.
  • Post-graduate: Resident doctor.
  • Specialist level 1, master: Pharmacology - Clinical Pharmacy, Nursing, Examination Medical Testing, Rehabilitation Technology, Dentistry.
  • Specialist level 2, Doctorate: Nursing, Medical Testing, Pharmacology - Clinical Pharmacy.

In addition, the two sides will coordinate to organize continuous, short-term courses, training, and issuing specialized technical certifications, as well as training and issuing short-term certificates, specialized certificates, and postgraduate classes. Besides, there is coordination on scientific and technological cooperation, and other fields of cooperation are decided jointly by the two sides.

HIU reports a summary of clinical teaching and learning for semester I of 2023 - 2024 school year

Also within the framework of the program, Doctor Specialist II. Ha Duc Minh, Head of HIU Administration and Human Resources Department, represented the university to briefly report on clinical teaching and learning for semester I of the 2023 - 2024 school year for the 4th year medical students and the coordination of admission and training of postgraduate and continuous programs between HIU and Thong Nhat General Hospital (Dong Nai).

Thong Nhat General Hospital (Dong Nai) is a first-level hospital; the number of actual beds is 1,050/1,050 planned beds. The hospital has 47 departments (11 rooms, 26 clinical departments, 10 paraclinical departments). The large number of patients coming for medical examination and treatment with various diseases and the small number of students doing clinical practice in the hospital's departments are good conditions for students to approach patients and learn clinically. With limited difficulties such as remote locations or some students having to stay in residence for the first time, the Semester I practice session achieved good results, with up to 49.7% of students ranking excellent, 26.8% of students ranked differently, and the remaining average accounted for 23.5%.>

Institute of Postgraduate Training - Continuous Training, HIU's postgraduate training departments coordinated with the Hospital's clinical departments to organize practical training for 71 postgraduate students and organized training for 3 consecutive courses with 354 students. With the results achieved, HIU also offers some experience in organizing training and fostering to coordinate well with the Hospital in the future.

Some pictures of the ceremony:

HIU Student Center