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Little Roses Foundation gives many priorities to education


Dr. Do Manh Cuong, Vice Chairman of the Foundation Management Council, shares much information about the Little Roses Foundation's activities.

Dr. Do Manh Cuong - Vice Chairman of the Little Rose Foundation Management Board.

Education is the foundation’s target

-Little Rose Foundation was cherished for a long time before its launch. Can you share its inspiration and this special journey?

I think, working in the field of education, everyone has a "passion for people." This passion makes us wonder how we can improve every day. When I work with Nguyen Hoang Group, every year, we determine a theme for the school year and one of the first themes we focus on is "gratitude" and educating students about that gratitude with specific actions and practices that are only found in books but not yet demonstrated in reality. That was also when we ignited the first fire of volunteer activities to bring more opportunities to help in different situations.

From small activities to larger-scale activities, many people joined hands in spirit, effort, and material. In addition, Ms. Hoang Thu Thao and her family have also had many valuable charity and volunteer activities over the years.


The board of management and Mr. Vu Chien Thang, deputy minister of home affairs, were at the launching ceremony of the Little Rose Foundation.

The Little Rose Foundation was born naturally and gently. The COVID-19 epidemic made us understand that volunteer activities must be organized more carefully, frequently, responsibly, transparently, and with the cooperation of more people.

- It is known that the Little Rose Foundation will focus on volunteer activities related to education and health. Can you share more about this?

The Little Rose Foundation operates independently of Nguyen Hoang Group but still takes education as its root and goal. We believe that education is an important foundation for solving many problems in social life. We provide learning opportunities for students in less fortunate circumstances so that they can access knowledge and quality educational conditions.

Students of NHG schools and universities participate in volunteer activities.

The foundation's important partner is Nguyen Hoang Education Group, whose strength is the complete educational ecosystem from kindergarten to university. With such a partner, we have solid companionship with many lecturers and specialists who are experts in many fields. Alongside, there is the participation of many partners from Vietnam and internationally. In the medical field, we have the companionship of Hong Bang University, which has strengths in medical training. With such special advantages, we devote many activities to education and health. Of course, the Foundation still has other volunteer activities such as emergency support, natural disasters, storms & floods support.

Giving “educational gifts”

-In your presentation about the Little Rose Foundation, did you mention that the foundation can also help people with economic conditions?

While building the foundation's orientation, we realized whether the poor, people with low incomes, and sick people are the only ones who need help.

Some parents may have social status and finances but do not know how to educate their children or protect them from social temptations. Students live in families with adequate material conditions but do not know how to appreciate what they have and do not have love for people... With Little Rose Foundation, those who are "poor" in soul, ability, spirit, and love... are also people who need help.

-What will the Little Rose Foundation receive in return for these volunteer activities? 

I really like the saying “No one only receives but has nothing to give, and no one only gives but has nothing to receive”. Volunteering is a two-way interaction between giving and receiving, the giver is also the recipient and the recipient is also the giver. The biggest wish that the Little Rose Foundation brings to those who need help is to restore their dignity and regain their confidence, joy, and faith in life. The person giving the gift thinks they are giving, but they are also the recipient, realizing their own value. We give to receive lessons of affection, love, respect, and humanity so that from now on, we will have a generation of students who have the knowledge and the practice of love. It can be said that the Little Rose Foundation is also a mirror through which we can reflect.

Dr. Do Manh Cuong during a volunteer trip of the Little Rose Foundation 

While carrying out volunteer activities, I felt special values ​​that no books can teach. When the students return, they learn to appreciate what they have that they did not realize before. We have the opportunity to give educational gifts to the right people.

Little Roses Foundation