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"Mother is Love" music show: A special gift for Mothers


Nguyen Hoang Group (NHG) will organize a music programme titled “Mother is Love”, with the theme being “Motherhood”. The programme will be broadcast live at 8pm on Facebook page of Tuoi Tre News, Catholic & People News, VieON, Nguyen Hoang Group, Human and other 30 Facebook pages of schools under the NHG roof.

The programme “Mother is Love” themed “Thanks for the roses” was successfully held in 2021 thanks to the support of community. Hundreds of millions of dong in relief, thousands of bags of medicine to treat COVID-19 patients, tens of thousands of masks and medical protective clothing for medical staff and volunteers have been donated during the COVID-19 epidemic by students and employees of the NHG education system.

After that success, NHG continues to maintain the programme “Mother is Love” with the theme "Motherhood" cultivating the attitude of gratitude in students. This year's program promises to be a special gift that NHG wants to give to Mothers. This is also one of the activities that NHG carries out to educate students about gratitude, persistence as well as the philosophy of Human education.

The programme “Mother is Love” will be broadcast at 8pm on July 10, 2022 on many provincial TV stations, and livestream on Facebook pages of Tuoi Tre News, Cong Giao & Dan Toc News, VieON, Nguyen Hoang Group, Human and other 30 Facebook pages of schools under the NHG roof. The local governments will also coordinate and support NHG to spread the humane educational messages about filial piety, love for Mothers and family widely to the public.

“Mother is Love” programme is elaborately choreographed by director Minh Khang with the participation of many famous singers like Duc Tuan, Phan Dinh Tung, Dong Nhi, Hoang Bach, Hien Thuc, Quoc Thien, Ali Hoang Duong, Hana Dieu Han, etc. and musical talents who are students in the NHG education system. Many touching stories about Mother are revealed on the sidelines of the programme, which brings emotions to viewers about the immense mother's love and the gratitude and love from children.

The music programme is also a celebration for the establishment of the Little Roses Foundation, which has been approved by the government and is about to officially go into operation. Through "Mother is Love" programme, NHG calls on officers, employees, students, sponsors and partners to join hands to bring practical and meaningful gifts to mothers in difficulties in many provinces and cities across Vietnam.

Readers can watch the program on Facebook fanpages of Nguyen Hoang Group, Human and website

Visit the following link to support the programme.

Tuong Thuy