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Gia Dinh university announces university scheme for 2023


Gia Dinh university announces university scheme for 2023


In early February 2023, the Admissions Council of Gia Dinh University (GDU) announced the 2023 admission scheme.

Accordingly, Gia Dinh University plans to enroll 1,800 university students with 45 majors/minors in two training programs: general program and talent program. In particular, the general program with 17 majors, the talent program with 03 programs: Business Administration, Marketing, and Information Technology.

 A lesson at Gia Dinh University lecture hall

To meet the need of high-quality human resources in the era of technology and communication development, recently, Gia Dinh University also established Department of Digital Communications. The Department offers two majors: Multimedia Communications and Public Relations.

Gia Dinh University established the Faculty of Digital Communication in November 2022.

03 enrollment methods

In 2023, Gia Dinh University offers 03 enrollment methods:

  • Method 1: Admissions based on academic results of three years of grades 10, 11, 12 (based on transcripts) accounting for 50% of this year's enrollment target. Candidates need to score from 16.5 points for the general program and from 18 points for the talent program.
  • Method 2: Admissions based on the results of the 2024 high school graduation exam. Candidates need to score 15 points or more for the general program and 18 points or more for the talent program.
  • Method 3: Admissions based on the results of the 2023 competency assessment exam of Ho Chi Minh City National University. Candidates need to score from 600 points for the general program and from 700 points for the talent program.

With the admission method based on high school academic records: Gia Dinh University accepts admission applications from February 6, 2023.

IT students in a lesson at the computer room

Candidates can apply for admission:


Tuition VND80 million for the entire course

Gia Dinh University has tuition fees of VND12.5 million/semester for the general program and VND25 million/semester for the talent program for the three-year program (8 semesters).

Gia Dinh University has preferential tuitions and incentives. If paying full course tuition (8 semesters), early bird will receive a 20% discount on full course tuition fees. That means the student's tuition for 8 semesters is VND100 million (majors with tuition of VND12.5 million/semester). When paying tuition for the entire course, students receive a discount of VND20 million - more than the tuition fee for one semester, paying only VND80 million.

GDU freshmen are usually involved in internships at businesses.​

In addition, students will receive a 10% discount when paying tuition fees for one year. When paying 2 years' tuition, they will receive a 12% discount.

Gia Dinh University also has a VND9 billion scholarship fund called GDU FAMILY with the companionship of partner businesses, which support early birds.

Details of the 2023 Admissions Scheme of Gia Dinh University, click HERE.

Contact Info

To ensure your chances of being admitted, candidates and parents interested in majors and 2023 admission information can get the information and contact at:

Communications & Admissions Center of Gia Dinh University

  • Address: 185 –187 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 8, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • The general program hotline: 0961 12 10 18 – 0962 12 10 18
  • The Talent program hotline: 0862 12 10 18
  • Facebook:
  • Website:
  • Youtube: Gia Dinh Channel