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HIU opens a new campus: HIU Clinic - clinical center applying digital technology in examination and treatment


HIU opens a new campus: HIU Clinic - clinical center applying digital technology in examination and treatment


On the morning of January 31, 2024, Hong Bang Orthodontic Clinical Center (HIU Clinic) of Hong Bang International University (HIU) officially opened a new facility at 299 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 15, Binh Thanh District. This is a clinical practice training facility for students and has a medical examination and treatment function to serve the community.

Delegates cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony of HIU Clinic

Before moving to the new facility, HIU Clinic was inaugurated and operated in October 2022 at facility No. 120 Hoa Binh, Hoa Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC. After more than a year of operation, HIU Clinic has examined and treated thousands of patients, organized many free examination and treatment programs for the community, and is the university's first clinical practice training facility. Private universities in the health sector are licensed and organize practical activities for HIU students.

A special feature of the new facility is that, keeping up with modern dental trends, HIU Clinic applies digital technologies in examination and treatment. With a total investment capital of up to VND50 billion, HIU Clinic is equipped with modern machines such as a Cone Beam CT, 3D Intraoral Scanner, Plasma Arc Curing/Bleaching system, Implant Placement device, Piezotome Tooth Extraction, Orthopedic Electric Drill Machine, Lasik Surgery Machine, Aseptic System – sterilization equipment following European standard.

Students of HIU Department of Dentistry examine patients under the direct guidance of Doctor Specialist II. Nguyen Ngoc Thuy - Deputy Head of the Department of Odonto Stomatology (left cover).  

To provide comprehensive solutions in dental treatment and training of Odonto-Stomatology doctors according to international standards, HIU Clinic has 52 lists of treatment techniques approved by the Ministry of Health, 35 dental chairs for clinical practice and dental simulation, and 106 phantom heads for laboratory practice. HIU Clinic has received examinations and treatment for hundreds of patients every day. Medical examination processes are strictly controlled such as: Infection control procedures for patients at the chair; Disinfection process with sterile tools; The treatment process follows Ministry of Health standards combined with a patient record management system using digital technology to ensure convenience, speed, accuracy, and high security.

At HIU Clinic, the medical team consists of professors, doctors, leading experts, people's teachers, and excellent physicians who will directly examine and treat patients. Besides, they also directly teach and train HIU students during practice and internship hours. In addition, HIU Clinic also signed training cooperation agreements with partners who are leading companies and scientists in the world, such as NOBEL, BioCare (implant), and Fotona.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Duc Lanh, Dean of the Faculty of Odonto Stomatology, HIU, speaks at the ceremony.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Duc Lanh, Dean of the Faculty of Odonto Stomatology, shared: "The establishment of HIU Clinic will increase its significance, ensuring the quality of Odonto-Stomatology training at HIU and increasing its added value to serve the community. HIU Clinic also regularly organizes volunteer medical examination and treatment activities, spreading the noble values ​​of students to the community. The university is ready to invest in expanding the HIU Clinic network to meet the needs and strong development of the Faculty of Odonto Stomatology."

In August 2023, more than 130 of the university’s first batch of Odonto-Stomatology doctors graduated. HIU's first Odonto-Stomatology training program is trained according to the university’s standard roadmap and has a graduation rate of 92%. Of these, 32.2% of graduates have excellent grades, and 69% have good grades or better, which are the highest ratios in recent years. 

The training process combines clinical practice, and students participate in internships and specialized practice in Dentistry at Ho Chi Minh City Odonto Stomatology Hospital, Oncology Hospital, Nguyen Trai Hospital, My Thien Hospital, Center for Advanced Clinical Simulation Training - Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy. Students can also participate in long-term and short-term study periods in Korea and Japan and study at famous dental hospitals in other countries, thereby gaining more experience and knowledge of modern dentistry worldwide and cultivating study skills with foreign lecturers and students to improve professional practice skills.

In recent years, HIU has promoted investment and development in the health sector with almost all key training programs, including Medicine, Traditional Medicine, Public Health, Odontostomatology, Pharmacy, Nutrition, Nursing—midwifery, Medical Laboratory Techniques, and Rehabilitation Techniques. The university strategy focuses on building four major pillars, including teaching staff, infrastructure, training programs, and hands-on experience.

HIU has gathered a team of leading Professors, PhD, and Doctors focusing on teaching. Invest in modern facilities and equipment to meet the needs of increasingly rapid development in quantity and strong quality, Diverse training program with a Vietnamese language program, English program, and international training links with prestigious specialized universities in the world, Focusing on sending students to practice full-time at large hospitals and opening many subjects right at the hospital, etc.

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