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Bringing fulfilling Tet to difficult circumstances


Bringing fulfilling Tet to difficult circumstances


The " Fulfilling Tet" activity is implemented from January 25, 2024, to February 5, 2024, by Nguyen Hoang Group and the Little Rose Foundation to send and give gifts on the first days of the year, demonstrating the spirit of mutual support, contributing to sharing difficulties so that disadvantaged people in remote areas can have a more prosperous and happier Tet holiday.

Making Chung cakes with love

In December 2023, the Little Rose Charity Foundation and Nguyen Hoang Group provided nutritious lunches for Ai Linh volunteer school students. The students are children from poor families whose parents are migrant workers or manual laborers. These meals are intended to provide them with delicious and nutritious meals.

With the spirit of "no one just receives without having anything to give," to educate children about gratitude and sharing with people who are more difficult than themselves, the Nguyen Hoang Group and Little Rose Foundation cooperate with the school to implement the Making Chung Cakes 2024 program. In the program, about 50 students from grades 1 to 7 personally performed each step, from washing leaves, wrapping cakes, cooking cakes, and pressing cakes under the guidance of the Foundation, teachers at the school, uncles, and aunts in the neighboring residential area, etc. Under the hot weather, the children persevered, studied attentively, and followed the instructions because they had no experience making this cake. To summarize a day of hard work, the children completed 350 banh chung. Each cake represents a simple thank you to the benefactors and teachers who have loved and taught the children so much in the past year.