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Nguyen Hoang Group celebrates 23rd year – “Year of Hand – Future Ready Now”


20 August 2022 marks Nguyen Hoang Group’s 23rd anniversary. Choosing the theme “Year of Hand – Future Ready Now”, NHG has a step forward in preparing for new success in contributing and serving the society through educational activities.

People can build anything, education can build people

After 23 years of operation (1999-2022), NHG has become one of the largest educational service providers for all levels from kindergarten to PhD available in both national and international settings.

NHG has pursued the Human education philosophy as a guideline in all actions for 23 years. Putting people at the center of education, NHG believes that people can build anything, education can build people. In a human learning journey, NHG aims to create a comprehensive student with a Heart full of love and generosity, a Head with an awakened mind, a hard-working Hand and good Health. Ms. Hoang Nguyen Thu Thao, CEO of NHG, shared: “The basis of NHG’s people is to love and to serve, in other words “serving in love”. On the foundation of love, NHG’s people will lead, teach, care, learn and work with a spirit of serving. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the development of Vietnam”.

Choosing the theme “Year of Hand – Future Ready Now”, NHG hopes to make new strides in the education field in the 23rd year of establishment. The letter “H” in “Hand” is also the third letter H in NHG’s educational philosophy, which means creating a dedicated person for our society.

Future Ready Now

We live in an ever changing world and the pace of changes is faster and faster thanks to the 4.0 revolution. In the education field, different teaching methods impact the way students absorb knowledge and the goal-oriented learning of them. Physical schools include classrooms, libraries or lecture halls and online learning has become a new trend.

Dr. Do Manh Cuong, Deputy CEO of NHG, said: “In this era as well as in the future, the need for education has not disappeared, but the education industry will have to change to meet higher and more complex needs. In the same way, a teacher who focuses on imparting knowledge will have to transform to become a new educator on the basis of a well-rounded human being in order to preserve people’s humanity and develop ones safely in the world with more challenges and dangers than ever before”. NHG strives to take advantage of technology and digital transformation in education to pioneer in the modern teaching – training methods in its system.

Turning 23-years-old, NHG continues to pursue the Human education philosophy with a spirit of serving in love, prompt action and adaptation to future challenges. Adaptability is also an important factor for NHG to carry the mission of training the generations who have outstanding intelligence, soul, fitness and skills for living happily, international integration and becoming responsible global citizens. The vision of NHG is to affirm the leading position in the private education systems in Vietnam; create an innovative, comprehensive and high-ranked education ecosystem, and become a trustful educational brand in the world. 

Tuong Thuy