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NHG aims to establish the university ranking system in Vietnam


On April 9th, Nguyen Hoang Group (NHG) had a meeting with Times Higher Education (THE) organization, Asia region to exchange the idea of establishing an university ranking system in Vietnam.

NHG vs THE 01

Members of Education Quality Assurance Council and representatives of all 4 universities in NHG education system taking part in the meeting

Times Higher Education (THE) is a publishing unit having mass media influence on academia, with many collaborations in businesses and governments. University's ranking by THE is the only ranking board to attend the World Economic Forum.

Visiting and working at NHG head office, the delegation was impressed with the fast pace of development, large scale and full segments of NHG education system. Mr. Justin Tay – Regional Director & General Manager (Asia) said that the universities of NHG system have great potential and huge information, data base to participate in the University Impact Rankings of Asia.

NHG vs THE 02

THE delegation (right) was impressive and interested with the comprehensive education system of NHG

In addition to understanding how to take part in the rankings, NHG also wanted to collaborate with THE to establish a university ranking system only in Vietnam. “The ranking is very meaningful to all universities, because no matter it’s good or bad, we know where we are to continuously innovate and improve our teaching quality” – said Dr. Tran Xuan Thao, Deputy CEO, educational research & development affairs.


Dr. Tran Xuan Thao – Deputy CEO, educational research & development affairs (left) and Mr. Justin Tay – Regional Director & General Manager (Asia) taking memorial photo after the meeting