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NHG students welcome new school year opening ceremony online


Despite facing numerous challenges when hosting opening ceremonies online for the first time, students in the Nguyen Hoang educational System welcomed its new year opening ceremony online in a warm and joyful atmosphere thanks to the efforts of teachers and the available information technology platform.


 The new school year opening ceremony of  IEC Quang Ngai

Listening to the sounds of school drums through displays

As the extremely stressful Covid-19 epidemic, new school year opening ceremonies of schools (under the Nguyen Hoang educational System) were televised and also broadcast online under the permission of local authorities. Due to the pandemic situation in each province and city, the opening ceremony of schools cannot take place on September 5 as it does every year but would instead occur between early and mid-September.

There is no excitement, flags, flowers, new clothes or books for pupils, as there is at the yearly opening ceremony. Instead, tidy uniforms can only be viewed through displays, and the sound of the school drums kicking off a new school year, are also relayed through speakers.


  The first online new school year opening ceremony of UKA Gia Lai 

Specifically, in the 2021 - 2022 school year, the Nguyen Hoang educational system got two new members, UKA Gia Lai and SNA Marianapolis International School, who celebrated their initial opening ceremonies. The first students at these schools swiftly adapted to the new learning environment, engaging in the opening ceremony and online learning sessions quickly despite their unfamiliarity with the new school, new teachers, and new friends.


The letter from Mrs. Pham Thi Oanh, parent of SNA Marianapolis

On the first day of school, Mrs. Pham Thi Oanh, a parent of SNA Marianapolis, wrote a letter to the school board, which read in part: "The children can not wait to meet their teachers and classmates, to learn and go to school, but there's nothing we can do right now so please keep waiting until the appropriate moment. During the quarantine days, I constantly encourage my children and wish the teachers, the entire school team, good health, and have innovations and practical activities in teaching online... I fully support all of the school's policies and objectives in order for the students to receive solid and useful knowledge...”

Transforming to adapt to the new normal

For the first time, organising the opening ceremony online is a challenge for both schools, teachers, and parents. All of the teachers' and families' preparations are dedicated to ensuring that the opening ceremony remains formal and informative while also providing the lively and cheerful mood of the first day of school.

ischool KG

iSchool students are very pleased with the online new school year opening ceremony

The opening ceremony at iSchool Ninh Thuan was initially planned to be held simply through the Microsoft Teams app, but in order for both parents and students to sense the joyful atmosphere of the first day of school, the ceremony was recorded and broadcasted with full rituals and musical performances. In just three days, the school and teachers created and implemented the programme. One of the most important aspects of the iSchool's international integration environment is rapid transformation to adapt to new situations.


  Ms. Le Thi Ngoc Bich, principal of iSchool Ninh Thuan speaks at the new school year opening ceremony on Sep 13

This year's opening ceremony is more special than any other because the entire country is fighting the novel virus, we won't be able to hold a live new year opening ceremony. However, with a positive and adaptable attitude, and skills, knowledge, and an information technology foundation-supported along with the companion of parents, let’s overcome obstacles and hurdles together and demonstrate the outstanding bravery of iSchool students to adapt to the new normal, adapting to online learning - the modern learning trend in the 4.0 era,” said Ms Le Thi Ngoc Bich, principal of iSchool Ninh Thuan in her speech at the new school year opening ceremony on Sep 13.

In view of the epidemic's numerous obstacles and challenges, the fact that schools, parents, and children have consistently transformed and formed the ability to quickly adapt to the new normal is regarded as a noteworthy effort. At the same time, this is a stepping stone for NHG to continue to provide its students with a great academic year.