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Teacher Award 2021: Honoring Teachers for Inspiration, Creativity and Dedication


111 teachers from schools from the Nguyen Hoang Education Group (NHG) with outstanding achievements in teaching were honored at the Teacher Award 2021 program with the theme "Thank you for Human Love".

The Teacher Award 2021 program took place at 20:00 on November 20. Although it was online, it still brought a joyful, solemn and emotional atmosphere, attracting the attention of more than 4,000 NHG employees and a large number of parents, and students. The program converges the unique performances of artists, students, students and teachers in the NHG system. The songs performed in the program bring us back to the atmosphere of school, friends, and the image of teachers - those who sow green seeds to create bumper crops of knowledge.


Singer Dong Nhi - NHG's parent brought the audience back to school memories with the performance "Letter to the teacher".

Through the program, many emotional congratulations were delivered to teachers in Nguyen Hoang Education System from students, parents, and students. It was a night filled with moments of happiness, pride and reflection.

A School Year of Innovation, Creation and Sharing of Love

Teacher Award 2021 gives us a look back on a difficult and challenging school year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Teachers of Nguyen Hoang Education System have made great efforts and quickly transformed themselves to adapt to educating in this new era.


Dr. Do Manh Cuong - Deputy CEO of NHG speaking at the event.

At the peak of the Pandemic, hundreds of thousands of doctors, nurses, soldiers, and volunteers came together to fight the epidemic, of which, there are more than 1,500 volunteers who are lecturers and students of universities under the Nguyen Hoang Education System set aside their studies and teaching to embark on this arduous journey. Schools under the Nguyen Hoang education system produced more than 50,000 liters of hand sanitizer to distribute to schools, shelters, nursing homes, residential areas to help people and communities implement hand washing to prevent epidemics; donated 1,500 welfare gift bags, masks, protective clothing, medicine, and food to the school's anti-epidemic volunteer teams and other volunteer activities with the value of billions in VND. Teachers and students of Nguyen Hoang Education System have shown the spirit of citizenship, ready to dedicate and contribute their best to the fight against the pandemic.


Kim Anh - Student of UKA Binh Thanh performed at the Teacher Award program.

Also due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, face-to-face teaching was interrupted, teachers in the Nguyen Hoang Education System quickly adapt to the teaching trend of the new era. For NHG teachers, online lessons in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic were not only a way of knowledge sharing, but were integrated by teachers in the form of learning by playing to encourage students to keep up their studies and retain knowledge for a long time. 

Overcoming countless difficulties and challenges, the teachers have garnered many achievements in teaching. From online lessons, innovations in teaching, teachers of iSchool, UKA, IEC have been recognized by Microsoft Corporation as an innovative education expert - MIE Expert in 2021.


MSc. MC Anh Duc – Deputy Director of HIU Student Center surprised with the cover of “Vocabulary song”

A series of awards from students in small and large competitions from provincial, national to international levels such as: Cultural Excellence Contest, English Speech Contest, Internet English Olympiad through the Internet, Creation in Innovation and Technology, the International Kangaroo Math Competition (IKMC), the AMO Mathematical Competition, the International Science-Math-English Olympiad (ASMO). SNA Saigon South was officially authorized to teach the IB MYP Baccalaureate program, Hoa Sen University and Ba Ria Vung Tau University was recognized by the QS as a 4 QS StarsTM. These are the achievements earned thanks to the active contributions of the teachers and lecturers of the NHG system.

It can be said that although the last school year was a challenging one, it was one filled with successes. Those successes were created by teachers in the NHG system with creativity, innovation and the spirit of sharing love. That success comes from the loving heart of each teacher.


The stage is filled with school colors of the Teacher Award 2021.

It is touching to see the pride in our teachers when talking about the profession they have chosen. Ms. Le Thi Duong, a nanny who has been with iSchool Ha Tinh for the past 5 years, said she is very proud of her job. She shared about her simple happiness, “Every day I get to take care of the children, see them study and play in a clean environment with the care and love of teachers, children coming to school on safe school buses. Those are my daily moments of happiness.”

Mr. Mike Miller - Vice Principal of North American International School SNA South Saigon proudly talks about his teaching career, “Sometimes people ask me why I choose to follow the path of education, the answer is very simple. How many jobs in the world do we have the opportunity to make a difference in the future? How many jobs in the world do you have the opportunity to work with the young generation who will determine our own future? The answer to that is only a few or even none. So every day, whenever you feel tired, frustrated, feel like you can't take it anymore, remember that you are helping to shape the future of the world, you are making a difference to the future of the world by educating children to be the leaders of the future.”

Honoring the role of Teachers of the 4.0 era

The 4.0 Digital Era has profoundly changed every profession in society. Education is also facing this huge change. Speaking at the TEACHER AWARD 2021 program, Dr. Do Manh Cuong – Deputy CEO of Nguyen Hoang Group shared, “We are living in a special era, the era of information technology and artificial intelligence. When someone comes up with a question, just one click, immediately millions of answers are given. Or the great advancement of artificial intelligence has made Saudi Arabia grant citizenship to the android Sophia. Many people worry, will the teacher lose their position and value? Will the teaching profession disappear like many other jobs in society? Let's ask ourselves, of the millions of answers given by computers, how do we know which is the most valuable, relevant, and trustworthy answer? People will be lost, not because of lack of information, but because there is no light or compass to guide on that vast sea of information. Information technology not only helps humanity to solve problems, but it also poses new problems that need to be solved.”

cong-hienNHG honored teachers who won the Dedication Award.

Mr. Do Manh Cuong said that, in this era as well as in the future, the need for education has not disappeared, but the education industry will have to change to meet higher and more complex needs. In the same way, a teacher who focuses on imparting knowledge will have to transform to become a new educator on the basis of an well-rounded human being, so that they can preserve people’s humanity and develop them safely in the world with more challenges and dangers than ever before. “The possibilities of technology are always limited in the face of infinite human need to grow with love. Human education has the ability to help people understand more, have more superior abilities, and love more. The philosophy of Human Education helps us understand that”, Dr. Do Manh Cuong emphasized.


NHG honored teachers who won the Creativity Award.

To recognize the dedication of teams of excellent teachers, Nguyen Hoang Education Group honored 111 teachers with impressive contributions through the Teacher Award 2021 with three categories: Inspiration, Creativity and Dedication Awards. These awards are given to lecturers and teachers working at member schools of Nguyen Hoang Education Group who have made exceptionally positive and outstanding contributions to building culture and the strong development within NHG and schools in the system.


NHG honored teachers who won the Inspiration Award.

For each teacher of the Nguyen Hoang Education System, teaching is the path and a life goal. Teachers will be witnesses to the good values that Nguyen Hoang wants to instill in the younger generation. It is these teams of educators that will serve as the bridge to carry out the Human Educational philosophy, directly training generations of incredible students. These are the reasons why Nguyen Hoang always is proud of our educators and honors them throughout the 22-years journey of education.