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Untold stories behind “The beauty of the Inspirers” contest


The “The beauty of the inspirers” contest for officers, staff, teachers from the systems of IEC Quang Ngai, UKA and iSchool, received lots of meaningful moments. Behind every photo, there is a heartwarming career story about those who are serving in the Nguyen Hoang educational system.

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 19 schools under NHG join the “The beauty of the inspirers” contest 

The total prize value is VND380 million 

The "The beauty of the inspirers” online photo contest was launched on July 1, which received many entries from officers, teachers, employees of 19 units in the international education city - IEC Quang Ngai, UKA Academy - the British international bilingual school system; and iSchool – the international integrated school system. Contestants submit beautiful and meaningful photos of themselves during their time in schools, along with messages or stories of their careers. 


The entry of teacher Tang Linh Tam from iSchool Tra Vinh won the overall First prize

The contest has 3 stages as follow: Round 1: the school level; Round 2: the system level; Final round: the group level. A candidates’ entry will be calculated that based on the online voting method via Facebook and a score from the jury. After more than a month of publishing, the photo contest has received more than 700 entries and reached nearly 2,400,000 viewers, hundreds of thousands of likes, shares, and comments through online channels. The competition's attractiveness is not just its meaning, its simple form of participation, but also its total prize value of up to VND 380 million.


The Second prize belongs to Ms. Vo Thi Hong Tham, teacher of iSchool Quy Nhon

Passing many rounds of the competition, Mr. Tang Linh Tam, teacher of iSchool Tra Vinh, excellently brought home the overall First prize. The Second prize belonged to Ms. Vo Thi Hong Tham from iSchool Quy Nhon. The Third prize went to Ms. Le Thi Dieu Linh, teacher of UKA Hue. Besides, the system and school-level awards were also given to other great entries.

Touching professional stories by NHG educators

The 2021 - 2022 school year is a big challenge not only for students and parents but also for teachers as they endured a lengthy period of online learning and teaching. Teachers continually innovated lessons in order to make the teaching more effective, thus students are not bored and they can update their knowledge without interruption.
Due to the impact of the epidemic, students can not go to school to enjoy the exciting learning environment, and teachers are unable to experience their professional life. There are no more field tours, courses for teaching quality improvement every weekend. Instead, teachers have changed instantly to adapt to distance teaching and learning activities. “The beauty of the inspirers” offers competitors many opportunities to share and pour their hearts out to others about careers, and memorable moments when looking back on their journey of serving in education.


The submission wins the Third prize of Ms. Le Thi Dieu Linh, teacher UKA Hue

Ms. Vo Thi Hong Tham from iSchool Quy Nhon shared about the teaching profession: “It is often said that the teachers inspire the pupils, but for me, they also the source of  encouragement to arouse our passion for teaching – the mission that I honor to carry on.”

This competition is not just for teachers, but for all staff in particular. There were many submissions received from security guards, drivers, janitors, etc. They are the ones who take tranquil tasks to make sure that every school day is a happy and healthy day for beloved students.

"Our drivers always keep in mind that behind the wheel are not just passengers. There are also the love, hope, and future of dozens of families. Driving a school bus with all sanity and professionalism, welcoming students with smiles and affection,” said Truong Vinh Son, school bus driver of UKA Ba Ria.


 The entry wins the meaningful message prize of Mr Nguyen A Khang, a security guard of UKA Ba Ria

Mr. Nguyen A Khang, a security guard, wrote in his entry: “I used to think of myself as just a security guard, but UKA Ba Ria convinced me otherwise. Now I understand that no matter what work you do if you are in front of students, you are all educators. As a result, we are more responsible and considerate in our attitude and work. The desirable school is one in which every staff is a teacher.”

Perhaps the most remarkable achievement of the “The beauty of the inspirers” contest is not only the beautiful moments shared by teachers and staff throughout the course of their job but also the stories rarely revealed.

Congratulations to the winner, we hope that there will always be the cooperation and contribution of each officer, teacher,  employee to NHG's educational journey in the present and future.